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2019 Young Scientist Awards were announced
Bilkent University Distinguished Teaching Awards recipents for 2020 are announced!

Bilkent University Distinguished Teaching Awards recipents for 2020 are announced!

Bilkent University Distinguished Teaching Awards r[...]
Scientists uncover principles of universal self-assembly
Turkish scientists are working for the development of a next-generation drug against COVID-19
MSCA Fellowship Awarded to Halil Okur
Zeiss Microscopy Workshop
Record External Quantum Efficiency Achieved in Light-Emitting Diodes of Solution-Synthesized Quantum Wells
Turkish Academy of Sciences Outstanding Young Scientist Awards
UNAM faculty member Dr. Onur Tokel has received the Mustafa Parlar Research Incentive Award
UNAM’s real-time droplet monitoring system iDM helps to synthesize monodisperse micro/nanoparticles
Biomcomputation Circuits to Pattern Protein Nanomaterials
UNAM's Team "UNAMBG" Won Gold Medal
Hilmi Volkan Demir Named a Fellow of The Optical Society
Genetic Programming of Bacteria is achieved to Control Protein Secretion by Bilkent University UNAM team
A new book on smart materials by Dönüş Tuncel
Sıla Köse (MSN) won Early Carrer Researcher Talk Award at the Designer Biology 2019 Conference
Serim Ilday Receives ERC Grant
Large-area orientation control of colloidal quantum well monolayers enabled by a new self-assembly technique.
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Early: 6 April 2020
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Bilkent UNAM offers a wide range of financial aid options and prestigious fellowship/scholarship opportunities for graduate students. These include:

  • UNAM Bilkent University President Graduate Fellowship (formerly named Bilkent UNAM Graduate Fellowship)
  • UNAM Scholarship for Young Women
  • Bilkent UNAM Graduate Scholarship
  • Scholarship from externally funded projects

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