Bilkent University UNAM, knowing the critical leading role of serving as a ‘National Lab’ at Bilkent, strives to create success impact and cross the boundaries of our campus by generating quality knowledge and task force leading to added value and positive progress that are beneficial to our Humankind and Mother Earth.

Bilkent UNAM aims at achieving excellence in science and technology. Standing still is not an option for sustainable and scalable excellence and progress. UNAM always has to advance and be internationally competitive. For that reason, Bilkent UNAM has to push and expand excellence as the basis for a leading national lab model.



Executive Summary

Bilkent University UNAM, established as a ‘National Lab’ at Bilkent, promotes scientific and technological excellence globally in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology covering various disciplines of materials science and engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, and molecular biology, among others.

Our distinguished faculty (over 53 faculty members) and world-class research infrastructure boasting ‘open lab’ concept (over 400 instruments) provide a vibrant R&D environment in a transdisciplinary ecosystem for approximately 421 researchers and staff to deliver top-tier scientific research work. UNAM faculty have been generously recognized by numerous prestigious awards, grants, and honors, including ERC (European Research Council), EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization) and NIH (US National Institute of Health) programs, national academy memberships, and numerous top national and international science awards.

As a metric of quality, according to the Nature Index journal publications, Bilkent UNAM ranks no. 1 as a Research Institute in the country, accumulatively contributing to approximately 7.2% of Turkey’s entire Nature Index journal publications to date.

UNAM infrastructure @Bilkent has been selected for a special large-scale program under Law no. 6550 Research Infrastructure Support with over 100 Million TL of investment and operational budget. With this support, Bilkent UNAM functions as a national lab serving currently over 1,350 users from industry (107 companies) and academia (111 universities). Also, UNAM has contributed to success stories in high-tech commercialization activities (21 spin-offs, 111 patents).

In addition to its intense and successful R&D programs, UNAM is also dedicated to training high-caliber graduate researchers in Material Science and Nanotechnology (MSN) Graduate Program of Bilkent University. Today Bilkent UNAM graduate alumni are highly sought after in R&D landscape.

UNAM is continuously growing the bodies of graduate and post-doc researchers and scientists and attracting talents in nanotechnology and all related fields from national and international institutions using competitive support programs aiming to reverse brain drain, including UNAM Bilkent University Presidential PhD/MS Fellowships and SANCAR Postdoctoral Fellowships.

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