Bilkent Faculty Members Honored at BAGEP Awards Ceremony

Six Bilkent faculty members were among the individuals receiving Distinguished Young Scientist (BAGEP) awards for 2019. The awards were presented at a ceremony held on April 26 at Hacettepe University.

This year, 43 scientists were named BAGEP award recipients. The Bilkent awardees are: Asst. Prof. Çağlar Elbüken, UNAM; Asst. Prof. Gül Günaydın, Department of Psychology; Assoc. Prof. Fehmi Tanrısever, Department of Business Administration; Asst. Prof. Cem Tekin, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering; Asst. Prof. Efe Tokdemir, Department of International Relations; and Asst. Prof. Yunus Emre Türkmen, Department of Chemistry.


From left to right: Özcan Öztürk (2018 recipient), Çağlar Elbüken, Fehmi Tanrısever, Yunus Emre Türkmen, Cem Tekin, Gül Günaydın, Efe Tokdemir

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