Bilkent UNAMBG 2017 Team Wins Bronze Medal in iGEM Competition


UNAMBG Team Members (from left to right: Ayşenaz Ozantürk, Ezgi Dikici, Ahmet Berk Ürgen, Simay Ayhan, Artun Bülbül, Büşra Merve Kırpat, Eray Ulaş Bozkurt, Büşra Nur Ata, Azra Atabay and Mert Canatan (not in the picture))

On November 13, Bilkent UNAMBG 2017 team awarded a bronze medal for their project “DiagNOSE Cancer” in iGEM 2017 competition. The iGEM is a prestigious worldwide synthetic biology competition organized by the International Genetically Engineered Machine Foundation and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) since 2004.

Bilkent UNAMBG Team is formed by graduate and junior students working under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Urartu Özgür Şafak Şeker (MSN and UNAM) and Assoc. Prof. Işık Yuluğ (Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics and UNAM) for the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition. The aim of the winning project, “DiagNOSE Cancer”, is to enable non-invasive diagnosis of lung, breast, colorectal and prostate cancer with a real-time breath test technique though volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in exhaled breath by designing biological circuits in bacteria. VOCs in exhaled breath make possible in vitro detection, classification and discrimination of disease because the concentration of specific VOCs in the breath samples may increase or decrease depending on the type of disease and microorganisms that are present. For detailed project description and team information please visit:

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