EventTürkan Haliloğlu

Allosteric Action in Proteins

Proteins are complex machines that are highly dynamic in nature within a complex interrelation of sequence, structure and function. Proteins bind other molecules and communicate in an evolutionary adopted dynamic framework, where allosteric allosteric interactions are essential for their functionality. Dissecting functional motion from local to global fluctuations is of challenging interest to disclose the key events to modulate or control the function. Elastic Network Models with Molecular Simulations provide insights into the mechanisms of protein-protein/ligand interactions, a plausible dynamic order and causality in allosteric regulation underlying signaling traits. Understanding and exploiting intrinsic dynamics of proteins are thus likely to open new ways for design and discovery.


About The Speaker


Türkan Haliloğlu is a Professor in Chemical Engineering Department and Director of Polymer Research Center at Bogazici University. She received her PhD degree in Chemical Engineering Department from Bogazici University in 1992. As a postdoctoral fellow, she studied at the Institute of Polymer Science, University of Akron in 1992-1994. She was a visiting scientist at the National Institute of Health, Frederick (USA) at different periods from 2002 to 2008. Her research has focused on developing theoretical and computational models and methods to explore functional dynamics of biological systems at molecular level and use of these approaches to understand protein-protein/ligand interactions and allostery in molecular machines. She is a member of Science Academy of Turkey since 2012.