EventDr. Gökhan Ünel

How deep is the bottom?

After 150 years from the scientific establishment of the atomic theory,  RP Feynman paved the way to nanotechnology in his visionary talk “there’s plenty of room at the bottom.” His dream of manipulating the individual atoms yielded the miracle materials and medicine, tiny engines, nanobots, etc. What if we could manipulate even smaller objects? What are the smallest possible constituents of the matter and how do they interact with each other? The particle physicists have been endeavoring since the discovery of the electron to answer these questions are and to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. This presentation will focus on the tools for this search such as the particle detectors and accelerators, the latest results from this search, i.e., the Higgs boson and the torchbearer of this search: CERN.


About The Speaker


Dr. Gökhan Ünel, born in Istanbul, graduated in 1993 from Boğaziçi University Electronics Engineering and Physics departments. Completing his Ph.D. at the same university in 1998 in the Physics department, he started working at CERN as a researcher. He participated in Spin Muon, ATLAS, and Na59 experiments. Between 2000-2003 he worked in the USA at Northwestern University as a postdoctoral researcher joining Minos neutrino oscillation experiment and New Linear Collider studies. Since 2003 he is affiliated with University of California at Irvine as a research scientist, focusing on ATLAS experiment at CERN-LHC. Apart from searching for new particles, he has responsibilities in ATLAS data acquisition and operations. Additionally, he was/is affiliated with many projects in Turkey such as the Turkish Accelerator Center, TAEK-Sanaem Proton Project, BOUN- RF800 and EBW projects.