We invite you to register for training, scheduled for 10-13 September 2018. Diffraction equipment is housed on Bilkent University UNAM – National Nanotechnology Research Center.

All participants that successfully complete the course will receive a certificate. Each participant will be asked to submit their CV and a short comment on their motivation to attend this prestigious event. All lectures, lecture materials and the use of the instrumentation for the hands-on tutorials will be free for all participants. Participation in the OpenLab is at no cost.

We aim to make this event accessible to all participants and will make every effort to raise funding with interested parties. We reserve the right to cancel the event if a minimum attendance of 10 is not reached. If the number exceeds 30, a selection will be made based on the motivation to participate in the event.

After registration, confirmation will be sent with further details.

To register, please send a letter of interest along with your CV to openlabtr2018@gmail.com Closing date for applications is 30 July 2018

MAIN LECTURER: Professor Gilberto Artioli (Università di Padova), co-author of the volume “Fundamentals of Crystallography” (C. Giacovazzo ed.) and author of “Scientific Methods and Cultural Heritage”



  • X-ray physics – diffraction theory
  • Powder diffraction
  • Sample preparation
  • Introduction to commonly used software
  • Phase Identification
  • Experimental configurations – optics
  • Powder data collection – practicals
  • Databases • Full profile refinement
  • Quantitative analysis
  • XRPD for industrial materials


  • Süheyla Özbey (Hacettepe University)
  • F. Betül Kaynak (Hacettepe University)
  • Leyla Yıldırım (Hacettepe University)
  • Emre S. Taşçı (Hacettepe University)
  • Ferdi Karadaş (UNAM; Bilkent University)
  • Enver Kahveci (UNAM; Bilkent University)
  • Gülsüm Gündoğdu (UNAM; Bilkent University)