EventProf. Dr. Ali Koşar

Phase Change Phenomena on Enhanced Surfaces with Applications

Heat dissipation from high power microelectronic devices is continuously rising due to their increasing functionality and demands. New cooling technologies are emergently sought to address to the requirement for effective heat dissipation capabilities, so that more compact and functional devices with enhanced surafecs would be produced. To address this demand, research has been focused on heat and fluid flow on structured. The aim of the talk will be to discuss about recent advances and research efforts of the speaker related to this subject.
In the second part of the talk, the focus will be on cavitating flows in microfluidic systems with modified surfaces. Biomedical, energy and nanoparticle applications of hydrodynamic cavitation will be included in the talk along with research results of the speaker in this field. The speaker will include his contributions to the subject and talk about future research directions in this subject. He will end with a brief summary of his other research activities