EventsDr. Serim İlday

Simply Complex: A Novel Approach to Engineering Complexity

Complex structures and behavior that we see in Nature is repeating in multitudinous material systems at vastly different length scales. This strongly suggests the existence of universal rules that govern emergence of such similarities. Although there is no general theory for complex systems, this does not stop us from experimentally exploring controlled creation of complex structures and behavior, inspired especially by biological organisms. In this talk, I will present a novel methodology to fabricate complex structures and to facilitate emergence of complex behavior from completely different materials systems at different length scales. The methodology exploits self-assembly and self-organization far from equilibrium when the system is highly nonlinear and subject to strong fluctuations. I will first present how the triple mechanism of nonlinear interactions, feedback and fluctuations can be utilized, controlled and steered towards fabrication of complex structures and behavior of various materials systems, then, I will show demonstrations of the methodology in diverse systems ranging from silicon atoms to colloidal nanoparticles to microorganisms to sub-10 nm particles.


About The Speaker

Serim İlday

Dr. Ilday received her B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from Selçuk University in 2003. She then worked as a project coordinator in the Ministry of Health, Turkey between 2004-2007 while working toward her M.Sc. degree in Chemistry at Ankara University. Upon receiving her M.Sc degree in 2007, she moved to Bilkent University to work as a researcher in two industrially funded projects for 3 years. She later received her Ph.D. degree in Micro and Nanotechnology from Middle East Technical University in 2014 and continued her studies as a postdoctoral researcher in the Physics Department of Bilkent University. Her research focuses on self-assembly/self-organization far from equilibrium, multiscale adaptive materials and systems, complexity and nonequilibrium thermodynamics. Her work has been published in prestigious journals including Nano Letters, Nature Communications, Nature Photonics, and recently highlighted in the media including and Science Daily.