EventAhmet Koç

Synthesis and Characterization of Cucurbituril Based Photoactive Multifunctional Assemblies

Supramolecular assemblies and nanostructured materials combining more than one functionalities in one design are highly appealing because of their interesting properties and numerous potential applications spanning from theranostics, imaging, photonics, catalysis, etc. In this regard, this thesis work involves the design and synthesis of cucurbituril (CB)-based photoactive supramolecular assemblies and nanostructured materials. Cucurbituril (CB) is a versatile macrocycle with distinctive structural features that enable them to bind to various guests, including drugs, peptides and dyes, with high affinity and selectivity. In this thesis, mono and multi-functionalized CB derivatives have been synthesized and conjugated to various photoactive compounds including porphyrin, conjugated oligomers and polymers in the preparation of photoactive supramolecular assemblies and nanostructured materials that can be used in multimodal chemo- and photodynamic therapies as well as for photocatalysis and energy harvesting.