EventsZiya Işıksaçan

Introduction to MATLAB

Since its first release in 1984 by The MathWorks, Inc., MATLAB has become a very powerful and popular numerical computing program for both academia and industry. In this workshop, I will give a brief introduction to this software with the assumption that the audience has little or no experience in MATLAB. During my talk, I will address the following points:

  • Being familiar with the MATLAB user interface
  • Using MATLAB as a handy calculator
  • Writing very simple codes
  • Drawing and analyzing plots for scientific studies

About The Speaker


Ziya Işıksaçan received his B.Sc. degree in 2012 in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department at Koç University, Turkey. Then, he moved to The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and obtained his M.Sc. degree with distinction in 2014 in Bioelectronics and Biosensors, a joint master program of School of Chemistry and School of Engineering. During his master studies, he was also a postgraduate researcher at Scottish Microelectronics Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland. Since 2014, he has been pursuing his Ph.D. studies in the Materials Science and Nanotechnology Program at UNAM, Bilkent University. He works with Dr. Çağlar Elbüken on microfluidic platforms with biomedical applications. Their recent work was published as a cover article in Lab on a Chip.