EventAlexander Eychmüller

The Journey of Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals

Some 35 years ago the so-called size quantization in semiconductor nanocrystals has been found and explained correctly. Since then enormous progress has been made in various directions: quality of the materials (measured as size dispersity, crystallinity, compositional variability, surface functionalization, etc.), applications (in lighting, bioenvironments, solar cells, etc.), as well as basic theoretical understanding.

I will touch upon a few of these developments in more detail and, quite naturally, from my personal point of view and experience. One of these developments which spans a period of about a decade is that of unraveling the mechanisms of emission in II-VI semiconductor nanoparticles of different compositions.

Here and there I will also touch upon modern methods of creating superstructures (mesocrystals, aerogels) from nanocrystals and by this marrying the nano- to the macroworld.


About The Speaker


Alexander Eychmüller started his academic career in Göttingen with studies of physics (Ph.D., MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, Prof. A. Weller and Dr. K. H. Grellmann) and continued at UCLA (postdoc with Prof. M. A. El-Sayed), Berlin (HMI with Prof. A. Henglein), and the University of Hamburg (with Prof. H. Weller). Since 2005 he holds the chair in Physical Chemistry at TU Dresden. His research interests include the synthesis and characterization of nanosized objects and their photophysical, electrochemical, and structural properties.