EventDr. Parviz Elahi

Ultrafast Fiber Lasers: From Near-Infrared to Mid-Infrared

Lasers as a versatile source of continuous-wave and pulsed radiation contribute to a major area of interest in both scientific research and industrial applications. Fiber lasers, on the other hand, have attracted even more attention compared with other laser types thanks to their increased stability, robustness, flexibility, compact structure, and high beam quality. Fiber lasers operating in the femtosecond to picosecond pulse duration range, known as ultrafast fiber lasers, are used in many areas of research and have become more popular. They are best known for their use in micro-material processing because of the non-thermal regime of energy absorption, which leads to more precise processing. Ultrafast lasers operating at extremely high repetition rates, such as the GHz range, enable new possibilities in high-speed laser material processing, particularly accessing the recently demonstrated ablation-cooled regime.

In this talk, after a brief overview of laser and laser-matter interactions, I will present our recent accomplishment of developing high-power ultrafast fiber lasers operating in the near-IR region in the range of 1-2 µm.  Then, I will continue with doping-management and spectral isolation techniques that we have demonstrated and will describe their impacts on high-power fiber laser development. I will then move to laser-material processing and will show our recent achievements in the high-speed material removal in ablation-cooled regime. Finally, I will discuss the necessity of extending the emission wavelength further into the mid-IR region and will describe the future direction of the development of efficient and convenient mid-IR fiber lasers in the range of 2.5-4 µm.

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About The Speaker

Parviz Elahi (photo)

Dr. Parviz Elahi received his BSc and MSc degrees in atomic physics, and PhD degree in laser and optics, focusing on the thermo-optic effects in diode-pumped solid-state and fiber lasers, from Shiraz University, Iran. After graduation in 2005, he served as an Assistant Professor of Physics at Payame Noor University and then joined Shiraz University of Technology in 2008.  Since 2010, he is a senior researcher at Ultrafast Optics and Laser Laboratory at Bilkent University. His current research interests include high-power ultrafast fiber laser development in the range of 1–2 µm for both scientific and industrial applications, and laser material processing.