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Using UNAM facility means you are renting equipment use, and UNAM makes no claims on your intellectual property

Neither Bilkent University nor UNAM makes no claim on your intellectual property as long as you just use our facility. However if you require academic expertise and guidance on a process or an idea than intellectual property management should be properly handled among contributing individuals as well as UNAM


As requested by the Ministry of Development, we will need to require UNAM users to acknowledge the service they receive from UNAM in their publications and theses from now on. There are two example acknowledgement statements given below. If you choose to write your own acknowledgement statement, it needs to include “UNAM-National Nanotechnology Research Center at Bilkent University” phrase.

Example 1: “This work was performed in part at UNAM-National Nanotechnology Research Center at Bilkent University.”
Example 2: “The authors acknowledge use of the services and facilities of UNAM-National Nanotechnology Research Center at Bilkent University.”

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

UNAM Facility


UNAM management and engineers have to be informed about the potential dangers and contents of your samples to provide the safety of the people, the environment and the equipments, however technical details, processes, designs and final goals related to the project may not be disclosed to the engineers.

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