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UNAM – Device Usage Fee Payment and Billing

  1. Pro Forma Invoice: It is not mandatory, however, it is prepared according to the information you supplied on our website to demand the cost of use of devices within UNAM from Scientific Research Projects (BAP) Unit or to show them in the budget of your projects (thesis and research studies or projects) that you will apply for. Pro Forma Invoice contains following items:
    • Project coordinator, the institution, position and title
    • The name of the project and its code
    • Usage fee calculated according to the selected devices and usage hours


* The usage price is calculated as hourly and includes 18% VAT.

  1. Payment: You can make your payment via bank transfer to the account of “Bilkent Üniversitesi Ulusal Nanoteknoloji Araştırma Merkezi” at Halkbank (IBAN: TR29 0001 2009 2120 0010 1000 08). Please enter “UNAM Equipment User Fees —  your University’s name and the Principal Investigator/Project Coordinator’s name” as the description. Since your account is held for both the past and the future, you can also pay for future use.
  2. Billing: After the payment is made, you are asked to download the receipt on your UNAMiS account and the following information to be included on your invoice by e-mail to finance@unam.bilkent.edu.tr and facility@unam.bilkent.edu.tr.
  3. The person / institution (and unit) to be issued in the name of the invoice and the Tax Office and Tax Number
  4. The project code and the name of the coordinator requested to appear on the invoice
  5. Payment description to appear on invoice


Our respect,

UNAM Facility, UNAM Finance

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