IWANN workshop through participants’ eyes

UNAM’s fifth annual nanotechnology workshop ended two weeks ago, and we had the opportunity to interview its foreign attendees for their opinions. Here’s whatiwann-1 they had to say:

“People in UNAM were nice, they were really helpful, and the facilities are very amazing. And Ankara is a quiet city, there is no noise like in Istanbul. Among the experiments, I found Atomic Layer Deposition very fascinating.” (Zahraa Ghanem, Egypt)

“It was very interesting to me to visit such an event. I met lots of specialists. I want to send my thanks to all the organizations because it was such a big event. It was my first travel to Turkey, and I was shocked because it was a very beautiful country. It was amazing to see historical places, no one should miss this.” (Liudmila Zubehenko, Ukraine)

“People were very nice and kindly. We did experiments on different subjects. I hope I will visit here again.” (Khansaa Mahmoud, Sudan)

“Actually, I liked everything here. Everything starting from the workshop and the tours, everything was good here, and especially the weather. The workshop was beneficial for us in many ways. We learned a lot in some of the lab sessions. We also had good interactions with other people.” (Murk Saleem, Pakistan)

“I enjoyed last week and this workshop because of three reasons. First of them is the high scientific value [of the workshop], the second is good organization, and the third is friendship. Some of the experiments I did not know before, like clean room experiments, and some of them I did before, but they were different so I learned new things based on principles I know.” (Mohamed Elnouby, Egypt)

“We did experiments and travelled [for all of] the last two weeks. For example, I had the chance to see graphene transfer in person.” (Azizbek Boltabaev, Uzbekistan)

We at UNAM are glad to see that the participants have enjoyed both the academic and leisure activities of the workshop, and hope to host an even larger and more extensive event for the next year’s IWANN conference.

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