Manoj Sharma has been awarded EPIC Best Poster Award 2018

Demir Research Group member Dr. Manoj Sharma, who is working as a Research Fellow at LUMINOUS!, has been awarded for his work on doping nanocrystals with a Best Poster Award at the Excitonics and Polaritonics International Conference (EPIC) organised by School of Physical and Mathematics Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, from 5-7th Dec, 2018. The title of his presented work is ‘Copper Doping in Atomically Flat CdSe Colloidal Quantum Wells’. This work is the first account of Cu-doping in the colloidal nanoplatelets. Part of this work, along with his co-authors, was published in Advanced Materials 2017 and also in Chemistry of Materials 2018. This work has been performed jointly by an international team of researchers from Bilkent University UNAM, Ankara, and LUMINOUS! NTU, Singapore, led by Professor Hilmi Volkan Demir.

Manoj-Sharma EPIC Award 2018
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