Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay tuition?

No, all the students admitted to our graduate programs receive a full tuition waiver.

May I work part-time in a company during my studies?

If you are not studying in a special graduate program in collaboration with industry, no. Our graduate program requires full-time study and working in a company is not permitted.

How much stipend will I get?

What other benefits do you offer?

MSN Masters Program

Get your master of science degree on materials science and nanotechnology!

Materials science and nanotechnology master of science program aims to give a broad perspective to students on variety of fields while doing cutting-edge research on a specific field.

MSN Ph.D. Program

Intellectual environment to those who wish to pursue an academic career


MSN Graduate Program

Current research in nanoscience and nanotechnology requires an advanced knowledge in materials science and involves design and fabrication of novel and functional nanostructures. The graduate program in Materials Science and Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary study and aims to develop researchers who can pursue outstanding and creative research in the diverse fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology, such as nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine; atomic scale imaging; nano and microelectronics; nanotextile; nanophotonics; femtosecond lasers; spintronics; advanced materials design and manufacturing of nanofibers; nanotribology, hydrogen economy and solar energy, etc. The graduate program provides an in depth understanding of materials in nanometer scale and present an excellent training starting from the quantum theory of matter and quantum statistical thermodynamics. The graduate courses to be taken by the students have to focus on his/her thesis work.

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Why study at UNAM?

Although being established as a research center, UNAM has initiated its own M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree program as Institute of Materials Science and Nanotechnology. Research centers usually focus on research and do not consider teaching as their primary focus. However, UNAM has a mission to educate highly qualified personnel. Therefore, the Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MSN) program has been offered by UNAM since 2008 and it has been getting increasingly more popular and attracting top students from Turkey and throughout the world. As of 2020, UNAM has 55 M.Sc. students, 35 Ph.D. students.

M.Sc. Students

Ph.D. Students

Students from Other Departments.

Total Students: 215
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MSN Alumni

UNAM graduates continue their careers at world’s leading universities or start industrial careers at high tech companies. Below is the list of UNAM alumni and their current positions. Thanks to the world class education provided at UNAM, our alumni are well sought after in academia and industry.