NanoArt Contest

If you believe you have the most beautiful scientific image then the Nanopicture contest is just right for you!

You may win an Samsung Galaxy Tab A or Samsung Galaxy Tab E! Deadline for application is March, 17th midnight.


  1. Graduate students, undergraduate students or post-doctoral researchers from any institution can join the contest.
  2. Each participant can only submit one image. Images should be taken by a material characterization device (e.g. Transmission Electron Microscope, Confocal Microscope or Atomic Force Microscope etc.) and sub 1000 nm should be resolved.
  3. Image has to be captured by you and should not not have any copyright limitations (if the image is a part of a published paper, copyright permission should be obtained by the author from the relevant journal).
  4. Please see the sample image for the required components of a proper submission.
  5. Image size cannot exceed 20 MB and only the pictures formatted with the template are accepted. Image must be larger than 1 megapixels (i.e. 1024×1024 pixel).
  6. Digital alterations such as coloring, tinting, inclusion of computer generated graphics are permitted however the original image has to be captured by an imaging tool and included in the template. 
  7. The submitted images will be evaluated by the committee and 20 finalist images will be displayed as posters during Nanoday 2019. 
  8. Best image will be awarded with Samsung  Galaxy Tab A and the runner-ups will be awarded with Samsung  Galaxy Tab E. 
  9. Submitted images can be used by UNAM on printed and online media with credentials.
  10. By submitting an image to the contest you agree to all the rules of the contest.
  11. Deadline for application is 23:45, 17 March 2019. 

Form expired at 11:45pm on 17th March.

Wild Gorilla by Çağatay Mert Oral, winner 2018

Please use the template here to submit your NanoPicture.