NanoPoster Contest

You have to use the UNAM template for your poster to be accepted to Nanoday 2019. This contest is for UNAM students/users only.


  1. The best poster contest is only open to researchers (graduate student and post-docs) who are currently working at UNAM.
  2. You can join the poster contest by submitting your poster using the template provided. All posters will be printed by UNAM and will be displayed during the Nanoday 2019 event.
  3. Posters that do not comply with the provided templates will be eliminated.
  4. The number of posters to be submitted by each participant is limited to one.
  5. This year different than the previous years, appx.10 best posters among all accepted and displayed posters, will be selected for a 3-minutes UNAM flash presentation which is expected to be delivered during the event in front of the Nanoday 2019 participants. Best elevated poster talk among the selected posters will be awarded with Samsung Galaxy Tab A and the runner-ups will be awarded with Samsung Galaxy Tab E.
  6. The winners will be announced on 21 March 2019.
  7. Deadline for application is 10:00 am, 15 March 2019.
  8. By submitting a poster along with an abstract you agree to all the rules of the contest.

  All submitted posters will be subject to peer review.

Based on the main field of your study use the most suitable template:

Nanosicence & Nanotechnology (NS & NT)

Nano-bio (NB)

Materials Science (MS)

Ziya Işıksaçan, winner 2018

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You have to register or login UNAM Intranet website for the contest.