Functional Nanofibers Group

Group Leader
Tamer Uyar

Research Interest
Multi-functional Nanotextile Materials, Polymeric Nanocomposites, Functional Polymeric and Inorganic Nanofibers

Research Overview
The Uyar group is involved in the production of nanotextile materials by electrospinning, a versatile and cost-effective technique for production of functional nanofibers from various polymers, blends, composites, sol-gels, ceramics and other materials. Electrospun nanofibers and nanowebs have several remarkable characteristics, such as very large surface-to-volume ratios, high porosity in the nanoscale, unique physical and mechanical properties and great flexibility for chemical and physical functionalization, which the Nanotextile Research Group employs for the design of functional nanofibers for use in many areas including healthcare, filtration, textiles, energy, sensors, electronics, environment, food packaging and agriculture.