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Source Measure Unit 2722A

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  • Source Measure Unit/SMU: Source and measurement instrument in one.
  • 3-chnnel, -20…+20 V/-120…+120 mA.
  • Can be used directly at PC USB port or in chassis U2781A.

More than just a power supply!

The Keysight U2722A/U2723A offers many special features, for example voltage and current programming/readback with very accurate measurements or four quadrant operation. Ideal for test and measurements of solar cells and more! Can be used as stand-alone devices directly at a PC USB port or as modular components in a mainframe/chassis U2781A.

  • High-speed USB 2.0 (480 MBit/s) TMC 488.2 compatible.
  • 3-channel SMU, -20…+20 V/-120…+120 mA.
  • Model U2722A: Standard model.
    Model U2723A with embedded test scripts: Up to 2 test scripts per channel, simplifies automatic tests.
  • Four quadrant operation (±20 V).
  • Max. current output 120 mA per channel.
  • High measurement sensitivity 100 pA with 16 bit resolution.
  • 0.1% basic accuracy.
  • Measurement of low currents down to the nA range.
  • Voltage and current programming/readback.
  • Plug&Play installation and configuration.
  • Used as USB device or modular component in a mainframe/chassis U2781A.
  • Incl. software Keysight Measurement Manager. Compatible with VEE, LabVIEW, Visual Studio and others.




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