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Thorlabs Laser Source, 780 nm,

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Single Channel Benchtop Laser Sources Selection Guide
Spectrum Wavelength TEC Laser Type Cavity Type Output Fiber Type
Visible 405 – 675 nm No Semiconductor Fabry Perot SM, MM, or PM
405 – 685 nm Yes Semiconductor Fabry Perot SM
NIR 785 – 1550 nm No Semiconductor Fabry Perot SM or PM
705 – 2000 nm Yes Semiconductor Fabry Perot SM
1310 – 1550 nm Yes Semiconductor DFB SM
1800 – 2040 nm N/A Fiber Laser Fabry Perot SM
MIR 2.7 µm N/A Fiber Laser Fabry Perot SM
Other Fiber-Coupled Laser Sources


  • SM and PM Available Wavelengths: 780 to 1550 nm
  • Single Mode or Multimode FC/PC Fiber Interface
  • Stable, Low Noise, Constant Power Operation
  • Power Level is Adjustable via Knob and BNC Modulation Input
  • Interlock Circuit Provided via 2.5 mm Mono Jack

Thorlabs offers single mode and polarization-maintaining fiber-coupled laser sources that emit in the NIR portion of the spectrum. Each benchtop laser source features both a pigtailed Fabry-Perot laser diode and current controller in a single unit.

The front panel of each laser source displays the output power in mW, an on/off key, an enable button, and a knob to adjust the laser power. The back panel includes a BNC input that allows the laser diode drive current to be controlled via an external DC or sine wave voltage source and a remote interlock input. All of our fiber-pigtailed lasers utilize an angled fiber ferrule at the internal laser/fiber launch point to minimize reflections back into the laser diode, thereby increasing the stability of the laser diode’s output.

Please refer to the table to the right for all of our single channel benchtop laser sources.

Key Specificationsa
Item # S1FC780 S1FC785 S1FC808 S1FC980 S1FC1060 S1FC1310 S1FC1550 S1FC780PM S1FC1310PM S1FC1550PM
Fiber Type SM PM
Wavelength 785 nm 785 nm 808 nm 980 nm 1064 nm 1310 nm 1550 nm 785 nm 1310 nm 1550 nm
Minimum Full Output Power 10.0 mW 20 mW 20.0 mW 13.0 mW 20.0 mW 1.5 mW 1.5 mW 6.25 mW 1.5 mW 1.5 mW
Power Stability 15 min: ±0.05 dB, 24 hr: ±0.1 dB
(After 1 hr Warm-up at 25 ± 10 °C Ambient)
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