ResearchResearch Fields

UNAM is a multidisciplinary organization and incorporates over ten laboratories with distinct interests, united only by their shared interest in cutting-edge nanotechnology research. Each research group focuses on a certain aspect of nanoscale phenomena, varying from biotechnology to fiber optics, but research at UNAM falls under eight general categories, the contents of which are outlined below.


Adams Research Lab, Dr. Michelle Adams
Supramolecular Chemistry Research Group, Dr. Engin Umut Akkaya


Baytekin Research Group, Dr. Bilge Baytekin

C, Ç

Computational Modelling Group, Dr. Seymur Cahangirov
Çekiç Research Group, Dr. Çağlar Çekiç
Salim Çıracı, Dr. Salim Çıracı


Dag Research Group, Dr. Ömer Dag
Demir Research Group, Dr. Hilmi Volkan Demir
Nanophotonic Devices Laboratory, Dr. Abdullah Demir
Durgun Research Group, Dr. Engin Durgun


Elbüken Research Group, Dr. Çağlar Elbüken
Erbay Research Group, Dr. Ebru Erbay
Micro Nano Integrated Fluids Research Lab, Dr. Yegan Erdem


Ultrafast Optics & Lasers Lab, Dr. Fatih. Ömer İlday


Hanay Research Group, Dr. Selim Hanay

I, İ, J

UFOLAB, Dr. F. Ömer İlday
Simply Complex Lab, Dr. Serim İlday

J, K

Karadaş Research Group, Dr. Ferdi Karadaş
Precision Manufacturing Research Group, Dr. Yiğit Karpat
Strongly Correlated Materials Lab, Dr. Talip Serkan Kasırga
Konu Lab, Dr. Özlen Konu


UFOLAB, Dr. F. Ömer İlday
Simply Complex Laboratuvarı, Dr. Serim İlday

M, N

O, Ö

Okur Research Group, Dr. Halil İbrahim Okur
Ordu Research Group, Dr. Mustafa Ordu
Ortaç Research Group, Dr. Bülend Ortaç
Özçelik Research Lab, Dr. Tayfun Özçelik
Özensoy Research Group, Dr. Emrah Özensoy

S, Ş

Quantum Photonics Lab, Dr. İbrahim Sarpkaya
Suzer Research Group, Dr. Şefik Süzer
Şahin Lab (Systems Biology of Cancer), Dr. Özgür Şahin
Synthetic Biosystems and Bionanotechnology Lab, Dr. Urartu Şeker


Tuncel Research Group, Dr. Dönüş Tuncel
Photonic Devices Laboratory, Dr. Onur Tokel
Türkmen Research Group, Dr. Yunus Emre Türkmen



Soft Matter Lab, Dr. Giovanni Volpe


Emergent Complex Optical Systems (ECOS), Dr. Hasan Yılmaz
Semiha Yılmazer, Dr. Semiha Yılmazer
Yuluğ Lab, Dr. Işık Yuluğ