The UNAM family is getting larger!

Turkey’s first nanotechnology research center aims also to be its greatest – be it in academic output, research excellence or number of skilled personnel. Forming the backbone of UNAM’s research efforts, graduate students form an integral part of these goals, and the institute is proud to announce that it is rapidly reaching the quota of Master’s and doctorate students that it had aimed for since its inception in 2007.

A total of 64 researchers have so far received their Master’s and PhD degrees from UNAM, and 106 more students currently pursue their doctoral studies at the institute. Included in this number are 12 students who have enrolled for UNAM’s graduate programs in the Spring semester of the current academic year.

Reflecting the center’s multidisciplinary nature, UNAM’s PhD candidates hail from a great variety of backgrounds: Physics, molecular biology, chemistry, electrical engineering, materials science and metallurgy are some of the disciplines practiced by the graduate students of the institute.

With the inclusion of our new members, UNAM now boasts 41 PhD students with Master’s degrees, 14 PhD students who have directly entered the program following undergraduate education and 51 Master’s students, for a total of 106 graduate researchers.

We wish all our new colleagues success in their endeavors.

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