UNAM Thursday Seminars

Nur Mustafaoğlu Wyss Institute at Harvard University Answering the question “How to cross the BBB” using a human BBB Chip model 12.03.2020
Deniz Eroğlu Kadir Has University Effective Networks: Predicting Network Structure and Critical Transitions from Data 27.02.2020
Türkan Haliloğlu Boğaziçi University Allosteric Action in Proteins 23.12.2019
Pınar Yılgör Huri Ankara University 3D Bioprinting for Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration 06.12.2019
Hasan Yilmaz Yale University Coherent control of light in opaque media 26.12.2019
Hasan Demirci Koç University Ambient-Temperature Serial Femtosecond X-ray Crystallographic Studies of Ribosome Complexes 19.12.2019
Murat Kaya Aksaray University Biological Perspective to Material Science 12.11.2019
Bilge Güvenç Tuna Middle East Technical University Atherosclerotic plaque prevention by targeted and controlled delivery of transglutaminase inhibitor 21.11.2019
Gürkan Yeşilöz University of Waterloo The Nexus of Science and Translational Research: Lab-to-Market Applications of Tissue Engineering, Pharmaceutical Industry and Nanotechnology 14.10.2019
Helge Kragh Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen From Zero-Point Energy to Dark Energy 24.10.2019
Doruk Engin Ankara University Epigenetic scars of infectious diseases: Trained immunity 03.10.2019
Hakan Ceylan Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems Cell-sized robots for minimally invasive medical interventions and targeted delivery 17.10.2019
Mohammad Umar Piracha University of Central Florida How to make a LiDAR for Self-Driving Cars 10.10.2019
Amir Bahrami Max Planck Institute of Dynamics and Self-Organisation Computational membrane remodeling in soft matter and biophysics 26.09.2019
Kirk McGilvray The Colorado State University Stress (σ), It Does the Body Good: The importance of the mechanical environment during healing 11.06.2019
Mihai Irimia-Vladu Joanneum Research Biomaterials for Sustainable Technologies Development 04.06.2019
Andreas Huber Neaspec Inc. Nano-FTIR Correlation Nanoscopy for Organic and Inorganic Material Analysis 16.05.2019
Martin Saraceno The Ruhr University Bochum Trends, Challenges and Applications of Ultrafast VECSELs 25.04.2019
Burçin Ünlü Boğaziçi University Physics and Disease 17.04.2019
Lior Nissim The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Medical School Synthetic Gene Circuits for Cancer Immunotherapy 07.02.2019
Fatih Inci Department of Radiology, Canary Center at Stanford, Stanford University School of Medicine Micro and Nano-Systems for Medicine and Public Safety 03.01.2019
Altug Özçelikkale University of Maryland College Park, Department of Physics Multiscale Mechanics and Transport in Tissue Microenvironment: Path to Biomimicry and Physiological Relevance in Engineered Cell Culture Platforms 20.12.2018
Mustafa Ordu Research Institute in Limoges Mid-infrared Fibers and Fiber/Glass Micromachining with Femtosecond Lasers 27.12.2018
Parviz Elahi Ultrafast Optics and Laser Laboratory at Bilkent University Ultrafast Fiber Lasers: From Near-Infrared to Mid-Infrared 20.09.2018
Oğuz Balcı Denovo Biyoteknoloji Inc. Nukleik Asit Analiz Sistemi 06.09.2018
Burcu Gümüşcü Sefunç  University of California, Berkeley LAB-ON-A-CHIP Devices with Soft Materials for Bioclinical and Engineering Applications 03.09.2018
Gokhan Demirel Gazi University Nanostructured Functional Thin Films Through Vapor Phase Deposition 26.07.2018
Talha Erdem Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge  Colloidal nanomaterials for photonics: A research portfolio on white LEDs, photonic crystals, smart self-assembly 21.06.2018
Metin Kayci  University of California, Berkeley Nitrogen Vacancy Quantum Defects in Single Molecule Techniques for Nanoscale Sensing and Detection 05.06.2018
Ahmet Avşar Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) Spin transport in novel two-dimensional materials and van der Waals heterostructures 21.05.2018
Servey V. Gaponenko Stepanov Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Nanoplasmonics: Enhancement of light-matter interaction for sensing, lighting and Li-Fi applications 03.05.2018
Mehmet Yilmaz National Nanotechnology Research Center (UNAM) at Bilkent University Tensile Testing MEMS Devices for in-situ Mechanics and Strain Engineering Characterization of Nanomaterials 05.04.2018
Alan Farhan Paul Scherrer Institute Artificial Frustrated Systems: Ongoing Research and Future Perspectives 26.04.2018
Mustafa Kemal Bayazit University College London (UCL) and Scientific Consultant in Imperial Consultants Nano-Adventure in Materials Chemistry and Engineering: From Batch to Continuous Processes 01.03.2018
Abdullah Demir Physics Department of Bilkent University Semiconductor Laser Diodes: From Macro- to Nano-Scale 01.02.2018
Aykut Erbas Northwestern University’s Material Science & Engineering Department  Stimuli-Response in Polymeric systems; from Energy Applications to Biological Phenomena 25.01.2018
Ibrahim Sarpkaya Los Alamos National Laboratory Controlling photophysics of carbon nanotubes for enhanced optoelectronic devices 28.12.2017
Serim Ilday Physics Department of Bilkent University Simply Complex: A Novel Approach to Engineering Complexity 03.08.2017
Dogan Erbahar Gebze Technical University The miracle molecule C60 fullerene: Predictions from room temperature superconductivity to astrobiology 06.04.2017
Safacan Kolemen Gebze Technical University Photodynamic therapy of cancer and live cell imaging 22.12.2016
Ayca Arslan Ergul Hacettepe University Stem cells in aging zebrafish brain 08.12.2016
Sundus Erbas Cakmak Konya Food and Agriculture University Artificial molecular machines and devices made up of mechanically interlocked molecules 01.12.2016