Views about UNAM


“… The ‘Optimal of Turkey’ requires the improvement of very comprehensive and multi dimensional strategies in science, culture, education, technologies, economy, political will, ethics and value systems. The nanoscience and nanotechnology contribution will be to move to the upper strata, the socio-economic trends as a very important subset and be a catalyst in the system by providing multifactorial, multisectorial productivity and value added increase. The National Nanotechnology Research Center – UNAM takes place on the upper strata of this search in converging to the ‘Optimal of Turkey’ and to the highest international science targets…”

Dr. Orhan Güvenen, Professor
Bilkent University and UNAM


“… During my PhD study I have visited and collaborated with numerous research labs around the world, from South Korea to Singapore, Germany to USA. I have always felt very proud to say that among all these institutes that I have been to, UNAM is definitely one of the best. UNAM’s world-class research infrastructure and facilities within a single building make it an extremely productive environment for the researchers from various backgrounds to do cutting-edge research. At UNAM, researchers can synthesize new materials, study their emerging physical, chemical and biological properties and also fabricate prototype devices based on these nanomaterials without leaving the building. Therefore, UNAM fosters scientific excellence and empowers its researchers to become world-leading experts. Overall, I feel very grateful for all resources UNAM provides…”

Dr. Burak Güzeltürk, Bilkent University EE PhD and UNAM’16
Currently, Postdoctoral Researcher at Stanford University


“… I completed my doctoral studies at UNAM within the scope of Materials Science and Nanotechnology program between 2012-2017. During this time I had the opportunity to work with researchers from different disciplines and carry out all my scientific ideas. I feel very lucky to be a member of an institute which has been recognized and followed by many researchers all over the world. I would like to thank UNAM for offering me this opportunity…”

Dr. Melike Sever, Bilkent University MSN PhD and UNAM’17
Currently, Postdoctorol Researcher at Hacettepe University


“… I was very interested in the high-impact work done at UNAM, both experimentally and theoretically, in various areas of physics, chemistry, and materials science. I was particularly impressed by the work done in the areas of computational materials science, advanced optics and optoelectronics, and the theory and practice of self-assembly and soft materials. I see many areas of common interest with Weizmann Institute scientists and look forward to future collaborations…”

Dr. Leeor Kronik, Professor
Weizmann Institute of Science


“… During my PhD, I had the opportunity to access the unique intellectual ecosystem and experimental infrastructure of UNAM. Together with the world-class research facilities, a transdisciplinary research environment of UNAM has provided us with tremendous opportunities to conduct cutting-edge research and become well-trained scientists by acquiring a significant level of new knowledge and technical/scientific skills and broadening our horizon. Therefore, I feel very lucky to be a graduate of UNAM…”

Dr. Yusuf Keleştemur, Bilkent University MSN PhD and UNAM’17
Currently, Postdoctoral Researcher at ETH Zürich


“… I am impressed by the achievements of UNAM Nanotechnology Research Centre of the Bilkent University. UNAM has strong faculty and a lot of enthusiastic young students and postdocs working at the forefront of nanotechnology research…”

Dr. Andrey L. Rogach, Professor
ACS Nano Editor
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong


“… During my PhD I had the opportunity to access to the world-class research facilities of UNAM. The friendly working environment as well as the rich research equipment helped us to pursue high-quality research. While working at the University of Cambridge, I can clearly see that we –the graduates of UNAM– are capable of conducting world-class research and competing with the leading research institutes of the world since we have all the necessary training, talent, and self-confidence that are needed. Therefore, I fell very lucky to be a scientist who has been trained at UNAM…”

Dr. Talha Erdem, Bilkent University EE PhD and UNAM’16
Currently, Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Cambridge


“… It is my great pleasure to report that UNAM today represents a very nice assembly of young and very active researchers with pronounced leadership and intuition on innovation, they keep on very creative and friendly atmosphere with high research grade and strong technology-oriented spirit. No doubt, we shall witness new achievements from UNAM in the future!…”

Dr. Sergey Gaponenko, Professor
Scientific Director of the Nanophotonics Center
Stepanov Institute of Physics, Member of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


“… The richness of the scientific environment at UNAM offers an unparalleled opportunity for PhD candidates. If your main area of study transcends the classical definitions of physics, chemistry and biology, UNAM is your place to study. UNAM promotes a rich social environment for early career scientists, opening new avenues for collaborative research. The level of research at UNAM is competitive with the other world class research institutions…”

Dr. Tolga Tarkan Ölmez, Bilkent University MSN PhD and UNAM’17,
Currently, Postdoctoral Associate at Yale University


“…UNAM provides a multidisciplinary and dynamic work place. Students are allowed to use instruments on their own. Therefore, I have gained lots of experience on almost any characterization equipment located at UNAM during my PhD. Today, Nanodev Scientific, which I founded as a spin-off from UNAM, manufactures high-tech optical characterization tools and instruments and I am using my wonderful experience and training at UNAM to guarantee the quality of our products…”

Dr. Okan Önder Ekiz, Bilkent University MSN PhD and UNAM’15
Founder and CEO of Nanodev Scientific


“… I was very impressed by the high-level of commitment, which requires considerable investment in research infrastructure and in maintaining these expensive research resources. I was very pleased to hear that students training and research is based on hands-on experience, which is not always the case elsewhere. I was also very pleased to hear that UNAM researchers are deeply involved in international collaborations. I was also very delighted to hear of the successful participation of UNAM researchers in the highly competitive Horizon 2020 EU research program, and most particularly in the prestigious ERC grants…”

Dr. Reshef Tenne, Professor (Emeritus)
Weizmann Institute, Member of the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities


“… I worked as a PhD student and postdoctoral researcher from 2012 to 2017 at UNAM. It was a privilege to be part of such a pioneering research institute with world-class staff, facilities and infrastructures. In my opinion, UNAM does not only provide scientific environment for ground-breaking research but also opens new doors for young researches to develop new scientist ideas and integrate with international scientific society. I hope UNAM will keep growing with new achievements…”

Dr. Mohammad Aref Khalily,
Bilkent University MSN PhD and UNAM‘17
Currently Postdoctoral Researcher at MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, Twente University


“… I found the UNAM institute impressive and highly talented. The staff is of the highest caliber in technology and research abilities and the research work that takes place at UNAM is inspiring and of revolutionary and pioneering nature. Ankara is blessed to have the UNAM Institute on its premises and the population in the region are very lucky to have the opportunity to get educated there…”

Rafi Nave, The Bronica Entrepreneurship Center Former Director
The Samuel Neaman Institute, Technion


“… I obtained different academic perspectives, in addition to my biology background, with the variety of courses offered in UNAM and the opportunity to be in contact with all research groups of diverse expertise at UNAM…”

Dr. Canan Kurşungöz,
Bilkent University MSN PhD and UNAM’17