Elbuken Research Group


Murat’s viscoelastic impedimetric cytometer
Murat Serhatlioglu’s work on impedance cytometry using viscoelastic focusing was highlighted by Elvesys. Check out the link for a very good summary of our work. Video_Parachute
Abtin’s work on real-time droplet detection was published as Lab on a Chip back cover
Impedimetric Real-time droplet detection Paper: A. Saateh, A. Kalantarifard, O.T. Celik, M. Asghari, M. Serhatlioglu and C. Elbuken, “Real-time impedimetric droplet measurement (iDM),” Lab Chip, 19, 3815-3824, November 2019, DOI: 10.1039/C9LC00641A. Link to the paper
Dr. Bakan’s work on reversible decryption was highlighted by OSA News Release
Researchers Use Metamaterials to Create Two-Part Optical Security Features New encryption method could make it harder to counterfeit money or intercept secure information sent by mail  Dr. Bakan: “Our research shows that converting static optical features to modular ones can open up completely new applications. This
Murat took the 3rd place in the Best Poster Award
Murat Serhatlioglu took the 3rd place in the Best Poster Award at 4th International Congress on Biosensors with his work explaining the coupling between electrokinetics and pressure-driven flows. He received his award from Prof. Arunas Ramanavicius.
Dr. Elbuken received 2019 BAGEP award
Dr. Caglar Elbuken received 2019 BAGEP award.  The Science Academy’s Young Scientist Awards Program (BAGEP)  aims the determination of the best young academicians to be rewarded and supported for their new research. The BAGEP award, initiated by the The Science Academy, Turkey and funded from the community by publi