Elbuken Research Group


Dr. Elbuken received 2019 BAGEP award
Dr. Caglar Elbuken received 2019 BAGEP award.  The Science Academy’s Young Scientist Awards Program (BAGEP)  aims the determination of the best young academicians to be rewarded and supported for their new research. The BAGEP award, initiated by the Academy of Sciences and funded from the community by public fundin
Murat won Nanoday 2019 Best Poster Award
Murat Serhatlioglu took the runner up position in the 2019 Nanoday Best Poster Award competition with his poster titled, “Electric field induced non-uniform viscoelasticity: A unifying model”. Congratulations to Murat for his study and his 3 minute flash presentation performance on the Nanoday.
A review on label-free detection droplet techniques
Ali’s and Abtin’s article on label-free detection techniques for microdroplet systems is out. The mainstream microdroplet platforms were discussed together with examples of droplet detection articles. A. Kalantarifard, A. Saateh and C. Elbuken, “Label-free Sensing in Microdroplet-based Microfulidic Syste
Ziya won the Nanoday 2018 poster presentation award
Ziya Isiksacan took the first place in 2018 Nanoday poster presentation contest with his poster on “Quantitative investigation of red blood cell aggregation during coagulation”.
Plug Microvalve: Too good and practical to be true !
Isn’t this the simplest possible microvalve you can imagine? This new microvalve we presented recently takes only 5 minutes to build and can be integrated the microfluidic devices without changing the design. It has superb burst pressure and can be controlled remotely or manually.Several interesting features were