Dr. Engin Durgun has been named as “Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World.” in the field of Academic leadership and/or accomplishment

Dr. Durgun’s profound educational background has allowed him to explore vast opportunities in the areas of science and nanotechnology including the application of state-of-the-art computational techniques such as spintronics—technology based on the use of electrons and spin—to greatly increase the performance of today’s electrical devices. After accepting an offer from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) he begun to focus on environmental issues related to cement chemistry which led him to the discovery that when you increase the reactivity of cement by means of nano-technology, both carbon emission and energy consumption can be reduced, leading to a new generation of environment-friendly cement. Looking to further his impact, Dr. Durgun joined the National Nanotechnology Research Center (UNAM)—a center focused on the advancement of nanotechnology—where he is working as vice-director contributing to the centers evolvement and investigating 2-dimensional materials. As a leader in scientific development, Dr. Durgun believes that if science can lead the charge we have the opportunity to prevent global issues before they arise.

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