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Computational Universe

The universe is computational at its essence. It is woven with mathematical consistency out of information fabric. Computers are used to probe the universe at all scales, from atoms to galaxies. Our group explores the computational universe in search of novel materials and intelligent life.

Discovering Novel Materials

A century after quantum mechanics was conceived, we are now able to predict the stability and physical properties of materials that don’t even exist in Nature. Our predictions have enough precision to guide or understand experimental studies. This precision is reached by implementing the Density Functional Theory in efficient algorithms that run in supercomputers.

Artificial Life

The universe is painstakingly explored by ever stronger telescopes in search of places that can inhabit life. Since the dawn of the information age we have started looking for life-like behavior in our computers. Such an exploration in the computational universe involves building models that aspire to biological neurocircuitry. In this respect, our group is after a simple computational model of brain that can acquire intelligent behavior through evolution.